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Marc Jones Consulting merges with Sage Electronic Engineering

01/01/10 - I am pleased to announce the Marc Jones Consulting has merged with Sage Electronic Engineering. This merger expands the capabilities Sage Electronic Engineering in coreboot and firmware development to provide complete software and hardware development services.

Firmware and Embedded Software Development

Sage Electronic Engineering specializes in coreboot, x86 firmware development, and embedded device technical consultation.

Firmware and BIOS Expertise

  • Extensive experience in x86 BIOS and firmware developmet
  • New processor and chipset development; from bring-up to production
  • Production platform software customization
  • Significant contributer and maintainer with the coreboot project


Coreboot is a viable open source BIOS replacement in devices from low power embedded to super computer clusters. Happy 10th birthday to coreboot.

"coreboot (formerly known as LinuxBIOS) is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) you can find in most of today's computers."

Papers and Talks


Looking for coreboot, firmware, or systems development? If so, please contact us @ Sage Electronic Engineering.
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